“The thriving companies are those that disrupt themselves before being disrupted and invest in reskilling their people ahead of their competitors”


  • 3-step bulk roster planning
  • Instant sync of rosters on desktop & mobile apps
  • Multiple locations & shifts
  • Best for regular & contingent workforce


  • GPS, QR scan, Bluetooth & facial scan
  • Multiple clocking with tolerance
  • Designated as on-time, late, early leave or field work based on time & location


  • Multiple leave policies & calendars
  • Fully integrated with payroll
  • Leave year & carry-forward
  • Compliance with EO & ADW

Core HR

  • Central repository of employee information
  • Custom organization structure
  • Individualized leave and pay rules
  • Assignment of tags & cost centres


  • Support of EO & ADW
  • Monthly fixed and variable pay items e.g. bonus & commission
  • Bank file for autopay incl. HSBC, Hang Seng, BOC & SC
  • Tracking salary changes
  • Payslips viewable on ESS apps
  • Custom formulas for pay rules

MPF & Tax

  • Support MPF MC & VC
  • Full integration into payroll
  • MPF remittance file for upload to trustees incl. Sun Life, Manulife, HSBC & BOCI-Prudential
  • Support IR-56B, E, F & G

HR Compliance

  • Employment contracts compliant with Hong Kong law
  • Workplace policies to mitigate risks in employment claims
  • Custom employee handbooks

*Service & contents offered based on market practice. We do not offer legal advice.


  • Building talent pools
  • CV parsing + social profiles
  • Kanban-style progression along recruitment cycle
  • Interview scheduling with calendar sync
  • No-code, custom career page
  • Integration with job boards incl. JobsDB, Linkedin, etc.


  • Creating top-notch employee experience
  • Constant touchpoints from offer to day-1
  • Inform, engage and align employee with company culture, values, team and policies


  • E-learning, peer, social & mobile learning
  • Learning paths & individual progress tracking
  • Compliance training, tech & soft skills learning
  • Curated learning library
  • Learning contents authoring
  • Citizen Developer Programs


  • Integration of disjoint systems to provide unified visibility
  • Dashboard of major HR metrics and instant drill-down
  • Multiple data sources and integration of non-HR data
  • Custom analytics to provide powerful insights


  • Desktop & mobile apps to capture and process expenses claims
  • OCR of receipts categorized into custom chart of accounts
  • From simplified to bespoke approval flows
  • Integration into finance systems
  • Integration into payroll