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Automated & Accurate

Automation is important to ensure speed in payroll calculation but more importantly consistency in calculation, eliminating human errors, thus ensuring accuracy of the payout. 

It could not have been stressed enough the impact of statutory changes on local payroll. Case in point, the Daily Average Wage (DAW) legislation has been in effect for more than 10 years and some companies are still grappling with the full implementation of such legal requirement in their payroll systems. 

Changes in statutory maternity leave, paternity leave and offsetting of MPF policy changes are all going to impact on payroll calculation for all employers in Hong Kong. It is important that you use a provider who is able to adapt to these changes quickly and even before they take effect. 

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Compliant Contracts to Mitigate Risks

The Employment Contract is the first-line defence when things go wrong in an employment relationship. Companies who are new to the Hong Kong market or simply starting up may use some guidance in terms of drafting up their first employment contracts, setting up essential HR policies and creating a basic employee handbook that could pave the way for future expansion when hiring more talents. These are the essential tools to mitigate your hiring risks while you focus on developing and expanding your business. 

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Uncover under-the-radar [tech] talents for you.

Finding Your Next Hire in an Unusual Space

Many organisations are in the war for talent. Sometimes one looks in the wrong place. We specialise in tech talents and are sometimes surprised by ourselves where we discover the best off-the-market talents. 

Our search service is simple, competitive and often lands us talents who are the unusual suspects the usual recruiters might miss out. 

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