Your new career

It can be daunting when you just step out of campus or you want to start a new career. Here is a 2-hour free course I created to help you navigate the landscape. 


Know your passion

“Follow your passion!” -it’s easier said than done. First you need to know what your passion is; then whether it sells. This module gives you the tips to find your passion and to gauge if there’s market for it.


Give it a try

You don’t know what you don’t  know until you dive in and give it a try. Internships, job shadowing and mentorships are all great as long as you put in your 100% in order to have a taste of the real thing. This module gives you tips to land an internship and shows you some opportunities in Hong Kong. 


Craft your JD

What do you like to do? What are you able to do? If it’s something you do day in day out for at least a few years down the road, you want to know that you love it and have the skills to deliver. Craft your JD today and stay focussed on matching jobs.   


Find the right company

A company is much more than a logo. Whether you excel at a job depends hugely on the company culture and whether you fit in it. So knowing about the company and your cultural fit is crucial to building your career.


Build your
own brand

When you start a brand new  career, you may not have all the credentials needed to impress your future employer. Much of what adds to your forte may well be your personality, agility and strength. Building and visualising your personal brand is vital.